Lookafter Digital Eyes

(60 Gummies)

Packed with Lutein & other much needed eye nutrients
– More than just carrots!

+   Strengthen blue light defense
+   Nourish tired and strained eyes
+   Support overall eye health


Lutein - A powerful anti-oxidant thats work together with Zeaxanthin to protect our retina by blocking harmful blue lights.


Zeaxanthin - A yellow-coloured pigment build to protect our eye cells from the harmful effects of certain light sources, such as the sun and digital screens!


Vitamin C - It helps to produce collagen, a protein which helps to hold our eyes together and protect them.


Niacin - AKA Vitamin B3, it's an powerful anti-oxidant which also helps our body convert food into energy.

Vitamin E
- A potent antioxidant that helps protect our eye cells from free radical damage that can lead to age-related diseases - cataract and macular degeneration.


Blueberry Extract - Its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and collagen-stabilizing properties helps support our overall eye health.

Serving size: 2 gummies | Servings per sachet: 30


Amount per serving:

Calories 12,

Total Carbohydrate 3g (1%* DV),

Total Sugars 2g (Includes 2g Added sugars, 4%* DV), Protein less than 1g

*Percent Daily Value (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have any medical condition, consult with a doctor before consumption.

Sugar is not bad, but over consuming sugar is definitely bad for health. L/A gummies are low in sugar with less than 0.5 teaspoons of sugar (2g) per serving. That’s way lesser than your Pearl Milk Tea which has 8 teaspoons.


The gummies can last for 18 months from the date at which they were manufactured.


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Honest Reviews

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
Love these gummy!
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My kids love these tasty gummy bears! They are tasty and good for eyes, which also double up as multi vit!

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
Love it

My kids loved the gummies and ask for it daily. It’s easy to eat and does not have a bitter taste.

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
Great gummies for your eyes
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My kids super love those gummies. Not just that it taste good but also it’s good for their eyes. It’s really hard to avoid screen time nowadays. So instead of let it be we got to find ways to protect. I am wearing spec so I hope my kids will not have to wear it too as I know how inconveniences it can be. 😅

These eye care gummies contains essential nutrients to maintain healthy cells in the eyes and strengthen the eyes’ natural blue light defense. It helps in promoting healthy retina development and protects their young eyes against damage.

I will continue to let me kids take them and even myself too 🥰👍

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
taste great
gummy 4

Love the eco-conscious packaging, easy to pack and bring anywhere. There are 60 gummies in a pack and it tastes so nice. The gummy helps strengthen the eyes’ natural blue light defense, nourish tired & strained eyes and support overall eye health.

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy

Bought and tried the gummies out of curiosity. Love that they are good for my eye health and am very impressed by how tasty they are!

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
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my son took the gummies and have improvement during his eye check! I also noted that he can really see well from afar. Is really a good supplement to add in our daily lifestyle!

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
My daughter love it
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this is the first time I tried gummies for eye and surprisingly it taste so good and my daughter loves it!

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
Yummy gummy

Such a yummy snack to munch on whenever I work or playing game. My eyes feel less strained after starting eating it.

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy
Benefits aside, ITS ALSO YUMMY!

3 things i love about this brand of gummy:
1. Convenient
2. Nutritious and so good for strained eyes!
3. Really yummy and chewy!

Review for Lookafter Digital Eyes Vitamin Gummy

Flavourful and I do feel a difference after consuming the gummies!

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