Young Eyes x Screen Time

Growing up with

Mom and kids spending screens time together

Times have change, our kids generation now grow up with technology – where learning and playing takes place on screens. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is also an inevitable increase in screen time for their e-learning lessons.

Thanks to smartphones, smart TVs, and other smart devices, our kids are also getting smarter and faster in navigating in the world of technology. They are exposed to digital devices at a much earlier age than any generation before.

In fact, this is more of a worrying issue as our kid’s eyes are still developing.

Mom and kids spending screens time together
Mom spending screen time doing work

The need for more TLC

Mom spending screen time doing work

Similar to adults, kids can also experience the same symptoms from too much digital usage, such as eye discomfort, dry eyes and even digital eye strain. In fact, kids are more susceptible to the effects of blue light while their eyes are still developing.

Blue light isn’t all that bad; it helps to increase overall alertness and enhance cognitive function. However, excessive blue light exposure might be unhealthy – affecting sleep patterns, general mood and eye health.

Also, they are too young to be fully capable of expressing and managing their eye issues. Even when their eyes are strained or tired, it may not occur to them to take screen breaks or to lookafter their eyes without proper guidance.

Lookafter our
precious young eyes

Happy mom and kids lying on the bed

Screen time restriction is a good first step to protect their eyes, but such measures can only go so far, given the increasing role of technology in their lives.

Nutrition is an alternative in supporting healthy young eyes while embracing today’s digital lifestyle. We understand that kids can be fussy-eaters from time to time and hence they may not get enough of those nutrients through their daily meals. Our lutein eye care gummies come in handy here to bridge their nutritional gap!

These eye care gummies contains essential nutrients to maintain healthy cells in the eyes and strengthen the eyes’ natural blue light defense. It helps in promoting healthy retina development and protects their young eyes against damage.

Happy mom and kids lying on the bed

Turning a mom's worry into a smile